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Set in the heart of Oklahoma City in the First National Center, Stock & Bond pays homage to Oklahoma City's rich agricultural history. Stock & Bond is the modern interpretation on the classic steakhouse with traditional dishes & High Plains steaks paired with American whiskey in a transportive setting.

Stock & Bond celebrates the High Plains and the cattlemen and farmers that have worked the land and raised livestock since the early 1800’s. 

With a handpicked collection of over 300 American Whiskeys—Bourbons, Ryes and Tennessee Whiskey. We honor the distillers who have defined and elevated the craft of American Whiskey.

High Plains Steak

During the 1800s, cattlemen, farmers, and distillers reigned in the American High Plains, weaving their legacy into the lands they labored day in and day out. 

Our Black Angus USDA Prime beef is sourced and raised from a collective of ranchers and farmers in the USA, grazing on Midwest pastures with a high-quality, corn-based diet that brings out exceptional tenderness and rich flavor. 

American Whiskey

We honor the distillers who have elevated the craft of American Whiskey with a hand-picked collection of over 300 Bourbons, Ryes and Tennessee Whiskeys. 

Our whiskeys can be sipped neat, on the rock or in one of our classic whiskey cocktails.